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The Balm Nude-Tudes Palette Review

Posted by Olivia Jayne at 00:00
I got this palette last week on the plane from duty free as it was £10 cheaper than usual. I have been loving it and thought it was worth doing a post about as I would definitely recommend it.

I have never tried anything from The Balm and I haven't heard much about this palette so I wasn't expecting great things... I know its wrong and just because a product isn't hyped about I shouldn't put off trying it but its just my way of thinking. Anyway, I tried this out straight away and I am so impressed. The formula of these shadows I prefer to MAC which are my go-to shadows. The colour pay-off is great, they are so pigmented however I would definitely recommend using a primer with these as thats the catch- the staying power isn't great without one. My palette came with a free mini primer and that works fine, as well as any other one you can get your hands on. 

Obviously this is a nudes palette as stated in the name but I think this is quite different to my other nude palettes. This contains a real mixture of colours from pinks to browns to reds to blacks - it's not your average nudes palette which I love as it means its great for a weekend away as you can get lots of different eye looks with this. 

Some of the colours aren't very visible in this photo on swatches but on the lid they are really pigmented. My favourite shades are Stand-offish, Sultry and Seductive. It's a mixure of mattes and sparkly shadows however I feel even some that aren't sparkly, have a kind of sheen to them so theres really only two or three mattes. Usually, I prefer mattes but this contains such wearable shades that I can look past that. 

This palette comes with a small double-sided brush, one side being angled and the other and angled fluffy brush, I personally prefer using my trusty MAC 217 but this is perfect for a quick and easy on the go makeup look.

The packaging is very sturdy with a magnet to prevent the palette from opening unintentionally. It also includes a big mirror, again perfect for travel. This palette sells at $36/£29.99 and is available online or in some stores. 


The Balm Nude 'Tudes Palette -


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